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Fibreglass Insulation for Four Reasons

A well-insulated attic space is a critical component in any house. Insulating the attic can help to reduce the cost of heating and cooling by a significant margin.

Fibreglass batts are commonly used for the insulation of residential attic spaces. Other alternative materials for attic insulation include mineral wool and cellulose. Discussed below are four among the several reasons why fibreglass attic insulation is worth a second thought.

Fire Resistance

Fibreglass batts used for residential insulation are usually made out of recycled glass and sand. Both these raw materials are known not to have a high affinity for fire. Upon exposure to a naked flame, fibreglass batts used for insulation will melt rather than burn. This means that fibreglass attic insulation is less of a fire hazard when installed in the residential setup.

Since you can never tell when or whether there will be a fire-related accident or incident around the house, it pays to use less-flammable materials on all sections of the house.

Moisture Resistance 

Another great reason to invest in fibreglass batts for attic insulation is the fact that these batts are designed to have a great degree of moisture resistance. The impressive moisture resistance associated with fibreglass attic insulation derives from the fact that insulation batts are made with a plastic coating that helps to prevent the accumulation and penetration of moisture into the insulation batts. Consequently, the problem of mould growth and the formation of mildew is not something you will need to worry about with fibreglass insulation.

Light Weight

Fibreglass batts are an ideal option for attic insulation, thanks to the lightweight nature of the insulation material. This is unlike cellulose and/or mineral wool whose weight and density is much higher.

The reduced weight and density means that it will be much easier to carry fibreglass batts to the attic, which could easily translate into a faster installation process for your attic insulation.


Lastly, you will be making an eco-friendly decision if you choose to have fibreglass batts for your attic insulation. This is primarily because the insulation batts are made out of recycled materials, which reduces the need for exploration of new raw materials. The recyclability of fibreglass insulation batts also makes them quite affordable.

If you had settled on fibreglass batts for attic insulation, do not go back on this decision. If not, take some time to consider the advantages discussed above.