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Traits That Make Slate A Foolproof Choice For Your Kitchen Benchtops

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, one of the aspects you are potentially focusing on is the benchtops since these surfaces are under heavy-duty usage daily. Not only should your benchtops be replaced with highly durable materials that will provide your kitchen will longevity, but they should also contribute to the overall visual appeal of this room. With that in mind, you may find it challenging to whittle down your options, since different supplies come with varying pros and cons. Fortunately, you cannot go wrong when you choose to work with a stonemason. And when it comes to natural stone supplies, slate is steadily proving to be a must-have in the kitchens of perceptive Australian homeowners. Have a look at the following traits that make slate a foolproof choice for your kitchen benchtops.

Striking appearance

If you want your kitchen to have a unique aesthetic that is hard to come by in a majority of other homes, slate is a good option for your benchtops. When some people think of slate, they tend to envision a grey hue. In truth, though, this stone comes in a range of additional colours, including black, purple and even green. This assortment of colours is dependent on the type of minerals contained in the stone. For example, slate containing high amounts of chlorite will have a green hue. In addition to the dark accents, you can also ask your stonemason for slate in lighter shades. Another factor that contributes to this stone's striking appearance is its natural matte finish. The colour options coupled with this finish makes slate adaptable enough to complement whatever interior design choices you have made for your kitchen.

Unrivalled endurance

As mentioned earlier, kitchen benchtops are put under a lot of pressure. From heat to heavy impact, most other supplies will succumb to these external factors, leading to physical damage. Slate is not vulnerable to this damage. To begin with, this material is inherently strong, so you do not have to worry about chipping and cracking that will eventually jeopardise the integrity of the benchtops. Secondly, this natural stone is also highly resistant to heat, especially when compared to materials such as marble. Thus, not only is it immune to etching, but it also won't scorch when you place hot pans on top of it. If you are an avid home cook, you will find slate benchtops the perfect addition to your kitchen.