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How can you make the most of your school playground?

When you look around your school's playground, what do you see? Is it just an empty space where the children simply mill around during every break or do you try to offer them some direction while they are on the playground? You could invest in lots of playground equipment to give the pupils something to do while they are outside, but there is an alternative. Why not look for a company that offers school line marking and see what they can do to improve your playground?

Why do school line markings matter?

Children are developing and growing all the time they are at school. Adding line markings to the playground will encourage them to keep active and fit. Line markings will also help them to build social skills by playing with others and will encourage them to test their boundaries by trying out new things and growing in confidence.

What school line marking options are there?

In some cases, school line marking is done for safety reasons. You might want to restrict parking in certain areas or clearly mark areas that are 'out of bounds'. However, in most cases, when school line marking takes place in a playground, it is done to facilitate activities and games. Two ways you could mark your playground include the following:

  1. A fitness track - You might want to create a fitness track around the perimeter of your playground. This could have applications for both formal lessons and for informal use by pupils during break-times.
  2. Traditional playground games - Children have been playing playground games for many generations. Instead of children marking out their games using chalk, why not create outlines for snakes and ladders, hopscotch, and other games on the surface of the playground?

How is school line marking done?

When you are creating school line markings, there are several factors which are important. You will want to ensure that the lines are clearly visible and will stay that way for many years. In addition, you must be certain that the lines are designed to be non-slip so that the children do not slide on the lines and injure themselves while playing. The main options for school line markings are either traditional epoxy paint, multi-grip markings or thermoplastics. There are advantages to each method, and your line marking company will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your school.

To learn more, contact a school line marking company.