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Four Things to Know Before Installing Marble Stone Benchtops in Your Kitchen

Marble is one of the best natural stones for making kitchen benchtops. The stone is heat resistant, which makes it a better option compared to vinyl and other materials that suffer heat damage. It also comes in a variety of designs and has a timeless and classic look that improves the visual appeal of your kitchen. However, marble requires extra care to last long. Therefore, as you consider installing it, here are four crucial things to note:

1. Choose Wisely Between Polished and Honed Marble

When choosing your design, you will come across polished and honed marble. As the name suggests, polished marble features a smooth, glossy surface that reflects light. Honed marble is rough and less shiny. However, the differences between the two go beyond appearance. 

Polished marble is easy to clean and does not stain easily. On the other hand, honed marble tends to absorb oils and be more susceptible to stains as the pores on the stone are left open. Therefore, if you suspect the stone will be exposed to oil and food stains, go for the polished version, which is easier to maintain.

2. You Need a Good Sealant

One disadvantage of marble is that it is highly porous, and this means it can easily stain when left unsealed. Poor quality sealants that wear off over time can expose your countertops to severe staining, which may be hard to manage. Therefore, during installation, invest in a high-quality sealer. Get a product that has a more extended quality guarantee. Ask your contractor about how often you will have to reseal the benchtops to protect them from stains.

3. Marble is Susceptible to Scratching

While marble is a sturdy material, it tends to be susceptible to scratching. Running sharp objects such as knives can cause scratches on the surface. Even seemingly innocent acts such as chopping veggies on the benchtops can leave unsightly marks. Therefore, train your home occupants on best practices to protect the counters from damage. For example, you should adhere to using chopping boards at all times. Also, avoid leaning over the countertops when wearing metallic accessories, as they can scratch the surface.

4. The Stone Needs Protection From Extreme Heat

Marble has excellent heat resistance properties. However, this doesn't mean you should test its resilience. Don't place a piping hot pot on the stone, as it can cause gradual damage by burning or discolouring the surface. The heat can also wear the sealer and expose the stone to staining. In severe cases, too much heat causes thermal shock, which can lead to cracking. Therefore, if you want your benchtops to last long, protect them from extreme heat.

Marble is an excellent material for kitchen benchtops. As you consider making a purchase, have these things in mind so you can extend the durability of your new marble stone benchtops.