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3 Useful Safety Goggle Features

If your crew need to wear safety goggles on site, then it's important to ensure that they wear models that are fit for purpose. While any goggles give some protection, some products have features that enhance the safety of your workers. What should you look out for?

1. The Right Protection for the Job

The jobs your people work on affect the type of goggles they should wear. It's important to make sure that these goggles give maximum protection on this basis.

For example, if you're drilling, then you need tight-fitting goggles that protect the eyes from dust. The goggles should also be robust enough to withstand the impact of stray chips. Anti-impact capabilities are important here, as are anti-scratch surfaces that won't abrade. Abrasions and scratches make it hard to see clearly.

If you'll be working with substances such as chemicals, then the goggles should be able to stand up to potential exposure. They should keep chemical fumes out of the eyes and shouldn't be affected by the chemicals themselves.

2. The Ability to Stay Clear

While your workers want to keep themselves safe, they'll be less likely to stick to wearing their goggles if they don't work effectively. For example, if their goggles mist over or fog up, then they won't be able to see. They may find it easier to push the goggles up off their eyes or even to take them off.

It's worth looking for products that have anti-fogging glass or plastic in them. These goggles should stay clear and easy to see through in most situations. Some products also come with concealed vents that allow air to circulate inside to keep things clear without impairing safety levels.

3. Room to Wear Glasses

Some of your workers may wear glasses; others may like to wear sunnies if they are working outdoors on hot days. This can cause a problem if the safety goggles you give them don't have enough room. Again, people might be less likely to keep their goggles on if they don't get a perfect fit over their glasses.

Many products are designed to fit over spectacles. They allow the wearer to wear their glasses as well as the goggles without feeling uncomfortable. So, this is a good feature to look for.

Goggles are a key piece of safety equipment for many construction builds and jobs. To find out more about your options and to learn more about useful features, talk to your safety equipment supplier.