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General contractors can really help you to achieve your home improvement goals. Everyone wants to live in an attractive and welcoming home. If you are looking to knock down a wall, install new lighting, or to renovate the exterior of your property, you have come to the right place. While the people who write and publish blogs here cannot claim to be professionals, we all have a keen passion for learning how to work with general contractors to improve the places in which we live. Read on to find out more about hiring contractors, planning projects, and completing works. Enjoy!



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Top Tips When Choosing A Bricklayer

Do you intend to build or renovate your home? A bricklayer will provide masonry services to ensure your project is a success. Read this extract for some expert tips on how to hire a bricklayer. 

Background Search

Conduct a background search to determine the following: 

Has the bricklayer handled a similar project in the past? It is a vital consideration when building a multi-storey complex.

What do previous customers think about the bricklayer? Internet reviews and testimonials will provide this information.

Does the bricklayer have general liability insurance? It protects you from liabilities in case of an accident at the site.

Does the bricklayer observe safety at the site? For example, he or she should have protective clothing and fall prevention equipment when working at sites. 

Available Services

Critically examine the services provided by the bricklayer. For example, he or she will need scaffolding when building a few feet above the ground. If this is the case, the bricklayer should provide high-quality scaffolding for your project. The professional should also be in a position to work with various materials such as gypsum and tiles. Other than bricklaying services, you may also need a professional that can install a concrete driveway or install a home drainage system. 

Project Planning

The bricklayer should visit your site to determine the scope of works. During the inspection, the professional should inspect the site for hazards. For instance, if the professional will use scaffolding, he or she should check the stability of the ground and the location of underground utilities. The bricklayer should also provide a quote for the required materials. These may include bricks, timber, cement and bricks. He or she should also recommend building suppliers. 

In some cases, you may ask the bricklayer to supply the building materials. It occurs when the bricklayer provides a lower quote than your local building supplies merchant. After the site inspection, the bricklayer should give an accurate quote. Besides, he or she should create a plan indicating when he will complete the various project milestones. Most bricklayers will give a discount to serious customers. Typically, the bricklayer will ask for a deposit. You will make regular payments after the completion of the various project phases. 


The bricklayer should provide a contract detailing the terms and conditions of service. Negotiate the terms of the contract. For instance, he or she provides guarantees on the completed works. Besides, the bricklayer should have a reasonable dispute resolution mechanism.

When choosing a bricklayer, conduct background search, examine the available services, conduct project planning and check the terms of the bricklayer.