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Top Benefits of Hiring Private Swimming Pool Inspectors

The safety of children around a property with a swimming pool is crucial. For this reason, every property owner must have their swimming pool inspected before use. Swimming pool inspection can only be conducted by a licensed certifier who issues a compliance or non-compliance certificate upon completion. However, while you can hire a government inspector for the job, you stand to gain a lot by engaging a private service provider. This article highlights the reasons for this move.

Shorter Lead Times

Every homeowner is always eager to complete their swimming pool and use it as soon as possible. However, you might have to contend with delays if you hire a local council swimming pool inspector. Notably, the council employed pool certifiers are restricted regarding the days and time to conduct inspections. For instance, if your pool is completed on a Friday, you have to wait until Monday the following week to book for an inspection. The reason is that council pool inspectors do not work on weekends. However, private pool certifiers can work during the weekend, which means that you can use your swimming pool as soon as possible.

Pool Repair Services

A swimming pool certifier only issues a compliance certificate once they are satisfied. Therefore, if your pool does not meet the relevant safety standards, you are given a non-compliance certificate. When this happens, the certifier will advise you to make the necessary changes before you book for another inspection. Unfortunately, a council pool inspector will do nothing more; therefore, you might be forced to recall a contractor, costing you valuable time and money. However, some private pool certifiers offer pool repair services and can help you to rectify a few issues for compliance. Although you might be forced to pay extra for the service, these changes guarantee you a certificate of compliance.  

Varying Categories of Certifiers

Swimming pool certifiers are grouped into different categories. For instance, Category A1 certifiers can inspect swimming pools in any building. On the other hand, Category A2 certifiers can only issue a compliance certificate to swimming pools in class 1 to 10 buildings. It is highly unlikely that a local council will have certifiers in all the categories available at any one time. It is challenging because a pool certifier can only issue a certificate of compliance in an accredited category. However, most private companies have certifiers in all categories.

For more information, contact a swimming pool certifier in your area.