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Reasons to Install a Natural Stone Benchtop in Your Kitchen

Designing a bespoke kitchen gives you the chance to use wonderful materials to create your benchtops. If you're trying to decide between materials, consider these reasons for installing a natural stone benchtop.

Continuous Surface

One reason to install stone benchtops is because a benchtop forms a continuous surface that allows the stone's beauty to be uninterrupted. To build a kitchen counter, contractors seamlessly connect several large slabs to cover the required area. This is the ideal way to appreciate unadorned organic rock. When installing stone in your home in other areas, you generally need to install tiles that, though beautiful, have frequent interrupting grout lines. For example, stone-clad walls and floors typically consist of many separate tiles.

Colour Options

Another reason to opt for a natural stone bench is the assorted colours and textures that you'll be able to choose from. Options such as soapstone, marble and granite provide colours like white, green, pink and black. You can select more uniformly toned slabs or opt for a rock filled with streaks and swirling colours mixed together. A granite bench, for example, can show flecks of black, yellow, orange and cream. Or you could pick a piece of stone that is muted brown and grey. When you install stone benchtops, you'll have many different looks and options to consider.


Natural stone forms durable benches which can last for years. However, stone does require care and attention, which soon becomes habitual in any case, so it's not too much hassle. Follow the sealing guidelines, as most stones are porous to an extent. Soapstone and granite are hardy options, while marble is more susceptible to staining and etching. Be especially careful about not spilling acidic liquids such as orange juice or wine, and wipe them off quickly if they do spill. In addition, use a chopping board and trivets to reduce the chance of scratches and burns on the counter.

Cohesive Home Designs

Because natural stone fits various areas, it can add to the design cohesion of your home. For instance, you can set up the same counter in custom kitchens and bathrooms to create a polished look. Alternatively, you can install stone tiles on the floor in various rooms, warming the surface with rugs in living spaces. You can also place stone pavers on a patio and a pool terrace. If you've installed a travertine kitchen countertop, you can install travertine tiles outdoors to tie everything together, for instance.

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